Our Mission

Our Mission is to enable healthcare providers to deliver faster, better and cheaper care to the population with help of state of the art screening and diagnostic software solutions.

Social Mission

Our Social Mission is to help improve access to healthcare for poor and remote population by delivering creative solutions in collaboration with research institutes, non-profits, NGOs and local governments.

Benefits for Healthcare Providers

Four main benefits of using our products for Hospitals, Diagnostic Centers & Physician practices.

Patient Care and Outcome

Healthcare providers can electronically capture patients' family history which enables early detection and timely follow-up for improved patient care and outcome. Physicians can make faster and improved diagnosis by reducing false positive and false negative diagnosis.

Cost Savings & Productivity

By switching from paper forms to our screening app, healthcare providers will be able eliminate the cost of printing, transcribing, scanning, filing and shredding, with the additional benefit of freeing up staff to do more productive work.

Patient Satisfaction

Patients can complete the screening questionnaire from home with no time pressure and therefore spend less time in the waiting room. Patients only have to provide updated information for follow-up visits.

Meet the team

Dr. C. Elizabeth Darville
Lead Radiologist and Founder, FTDC, Bahamas


I love the Nuevozen screening app because it has streamlined our patient history data collection during on boarding. I am especially excited about how this app's risk assessment capabilities will help us to effectively screen patients in our fight against breast cancer in The Bahamas.